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Incredibly Beautiful Places In Florida You Do Not Know Anything About

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Everyone around the world knows how great Florida is. We are talking about countless beaches and all the travel activities you might imagine. As a tourist though, you will only be able to experience a part of what the state has to offer. This is simply because travel agents cover the same holiday villas in Florida, the same attractions and the same beaches. If you want to know how Florida is truly like, Incredibly Beautiful Places In Florida.  you surely want to learn what the Floridians know unique things to do in florida.

Incredibly Beautiful Places In Florida

Below you can learn about some really interesting places in Florida that the locals would want to keep secret. Visiting them is definitely wonderful for you, especially since it is so easy to avoid the crowds and get a glimpse of hidden Florida culture and day-to-day life.

Devil’s Millhopper unique things to do in Florida

There are so many places in Florida that are named after hell, mainly because of the fact that everything is so hot in the state. One of them, Devil’s Millhopper, is simply gorgeous. In the past this was just a sinkhole but it practically transformed into an incredible micro-ecosystem that is multi-layered. The park is located just some miles away from UF. However, it is an incredible National Natural Landmark looking like an incredible tropical rainforest. You can find numerous mammal and marine fossils in an incredible research hotspot.


Apalachicola Bluffs And Ravines Preserve

This is a preserve you most likely do not know anything about. It is a rare elevation that is right over the Apalachicola River, offering some incredible state views. You want to visit because this is a place that is incredibly spectacular. The former owner did claim that this is the original Garden of Eden. He charged the visitors that wanted to visit. This is no longer the case and you can enjoy this incredible sight.

Fakahatchee Strand Preserve State Park

Every single part of the Everglades is incredible. This is a stunning location thanks to the by cypress trees, mangroves curving over incredible black water and soaring herons. However, visiting the Everglades is not at all easy to do. This is why you may want to consider this state park. It practically captures the entire Everglades. Locals refer to the park as “Amazon of North America”. It is a swampy, rugged land stretch that became famous because it was featured in Adaptation, a highly successful movie.

Withlacoochee State Trail unique things to do in Florida

Incredibly Beautiful Places In Florida

Most people that visit Citrus County do so in order to swim with the manatees. However, this is a 46 miles trail that goes through Pasco, Hernando and Citrus counties. We are referring to an only-in-Florida travel experience that is second to none. You can be a part of a bike route going through quiet swamps filled with lily pads, see pines, palmettos and check out some incredible small southern towns. There is even a really good roadside orange juice stand you will surely want to document.

Kanapaha Botanical Gardens

Those that attend the University Of Florida at least heard about the botanical gardens from Archer Road but few actually visit. Even fewer did so as tourists. Not visiting the Kanapaha Botanical Gardens at least once in your life would be a shame. There are 24 gardens there, ranging from a butterfly garden to an incredible Japanese garden. At the same time, you get to see a huge bamboo display, the largest in the state. You can also see the largest of the herb hardens in the entire Southeast. It is hard to argue with those that say the Kanapaha Botanical Gardens are among the most beautiful of all of America’s botanical gardens.

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Cape Romano Dome Homes

Many of the things that are considered to be incredibly beautiful by Floridians are a little weird for the rest of the world. This is exactly the case with the Cape Romano Dome Homes. These were built as beach houses for Bob Lee, a well-known oil magnate. The problem for Bob was that he did not think about beach erosion as the homes were built. The houses that were once proud on sands are now some weird white domes that have the green of the Everglades in the background, together with the blue of the Gulf of Mexico. Nature practically took back the island and destroyed the artificial homes built there.

Topsail Hill State Park

This is one of the most unusual beaches you will find in the state of Florida. It is three miles long and is secluded. You can see dunes that are over 25 feet high. From the offshore, they actually look like ship sales. This is where the name came from. What is unusual with the beach though is the fact that there are 3 coastal dune lakes present. This includes freshwater lakes filled with fish and there are so many unique things to do in Florida.

Dry Tortugas National Park unique things to do in Florida

Last but not least, this is one of the most overlooked of all the country’s national park. While some will tell you that the park is not beautiful, you need to look more carefully since we are referring to an incredible destination. Nowadays, the Dry Tortugas National Park can only be described as a true tropical paradise. You can only access it by seaplane or boat. You can enjoy overnight camping here but the islands are remote. This means that you have to bring water with you. Also, you need to learn how to make fire and practically know how to survive. It is much easier to enjoy everything just throughout the day. I Hope you all Enjoy most visited place information by R S Tour & Travel.

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