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Taxi Service Faridabad
19˚c Taxi
Starting From Rs 999 for 80 Km & 8 Hrs

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Taxi service in Faridabad!

Faridabad is an important place in Delhi. It is a very busy place. So if ever you need to travel in Faridabad, you can hire the Faridabad taxi service. Faridabad taxi service can also be availed to travel Surajkund and you can hire taxi service in Surajkund to come back to Faridabad.

Some advantages of Taxi service in Surajkund is: Can be availed at all time of the day, moreover most of the taxis run on diesel and CNG so the fare is very minimal, the drivers are very professional so the chance of an accident is minimal.

  • Day 1
    Suraj kund Tourist Complex

    Surajkund, is an historic place and famous tourist spot of Faridabad, Its an artificial ‘Kund’ (reservoir) built in the backdrop of the Aravalli hills with an Amphitheater shaped embankment constructed in semicircular form.

  • Badkhal Lake
    Badkhal Lake

    Badkhal Lake, a popular tourist destination of Faridabad, manmade embankment famous for bird watching and boating. Badkhal Lake is surrounded by hills; it is a popular weekend destination to have fun and enjoy holiday.

  • Rose Garden Faridabad
    Rose Garden Faridabad

    Faridabad city has two Rose gardens, one is in Sector 17 and another one besides the Nahar Singh Stadium, which are perfect place for visitors to find roses of different types.

Tourist Place Hotels School
Surajkund Tourist Complex Hotel Rajhans Manav Rachna International School
Surajkund Craft Mela Vivanta by Taj Surajkund International School
Badkhal Lake Atrium Hotel St. Columbus School
Siddhata Ashram Express Sarovar Portico Modern Vidya Nikatan
ISKCON Faridabad Park Plaza Aravali International School

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